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Zach Hadel, known by his online alias Psychicpebbles, is a Flash animator best known for his animated series "Hellbenders". He began the series in 2012 with his best friend Chris O'Neill. With the vast amount of popularity the series had received, "Hellbenders" was continued, and Chris moved to the U.S. from Ireland to work on the series with Zach.

Role In SleepyCabin Edit

On the podcast, Zach is known for his random "what if" scenarios often involving random off-the-wall things. He often brings up Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust, and Jews during these scenarios, which has caused a running joke among the SleepyCabin crew and fanbase that Zach is a Nazi, which he frequently jokes about as well, saying that he doesn't like Hitler, but thinks he was "a really cool guy." Despite his dark humor, Zach has shown that he is quite knowledgeable on topics such as politics, history, pop culture, and film.

The most obvious thing one will notice about Zach is his humorous, nasally sounding voice. While most believe it is fake, it is actually not. While he has never officially explained why his voice sounds the way it does, one popular theory is that he was born with a micro penis, which can cause one's voice to sound very stuffy and nasally when speaking.

Trivia Edit

  • Zach has said himself that he is German or part-German.
  • Recently, he has started his own podcast called "Schmucks", in which he has conversations with his friends and asks them questions from his Patreon supporters.
  • While Zach has appeared on camera in numerous SleepyCabin videos, he still doesn't show his face in videos that he directly takes part in.
    • He has stated his reasoning for this is that he would rather be known for his work and animation than his actual appearance, saying that too many people are obsessed with the creator behind the work rather than the work itself.

Podcast Appearances Edit

S1:Pilot [Just Spittin' the Shit]

S1:E1 [Super Ghosts 'n Corpses: Poop Edition]

S1:E2 [Spaghetti Birds]

S1:E3 [Animals, Animation and Other A-Words]

S1:E4 [The Ghosts of Grandma's Genitals]

S1:E5 [The Rogue Fingerer]

S1:E6 [The Lion, the Witch and the Wilhelm Scream]

S1:E7 [SleepyCast_Halloween-Special.wav]

S1:E8 [King Crab, Ruler of Crab Kingdom]

S1:E9 [Checking Our Privileges]

S1:E10 [The Pornography Hour]

S1:E11 [Spooktacular Q&A Spectacular

S1:E12 [A Very Sleepy Christmas Special]

S1:E13 [The Hospital Episode]

S1:E15 [Sab and the Bean Stalker]

S1:E16 [Batten Down the Hatches]

S1:17 [Little Skatey]

S1:19 [Voicemails with Jesus]

S1:E20 [Hardly Gay Q&A]

S1:E22 [Beating the Monkey]

S1:E23 [Four Dicks and a Nik]

S1:E24 [Apples]

S1:E25 [The Self-Appreciation Hour]

S1:E26 [Horny Goblin Fartscapades]

S1:E27 [Sharks]

S1F:E30 [The End?] - (Part One)

S1F:E30 [The End?] - (Part Two)

S1F:E30 [The End?] - (Part Three)