Niall Murray aka N-Bomb, known by his internet alias Cryburger, is an illustrator and animator. He, along with Chris O'Niell are the only "true Irish" members of SleepyCabin. Niall is often known as the "punching bag" of the crew, as the crew often exclaim "Shut up, Niall!" at him when trying to make jokes, or outright accusing him of being a racist or a pedophile. Niall is also known for his frequent "Tinder Updates", where he shares stories of his encounters with women he has met on the dating app Tinder.


  • According to Jeff, Niall's sense of fashion is "homeless, yet stylish," to which Niall agrees.
  • Niall is a fan of Kosplay Keri on the online porn livestream website Chaturbate, mainly because he finds humor in the fact that she gets way too into the characters she and her boyfriend cosplay as.
  • Niall got his appendix removed when he was younger because, in an attempt to stay home from school, he feigned stomach pains so well that doctors believed he had appendicitis. He says that he believes he saved himself, as the appendix is "a ticking time bomb."
  • Niall's (along with Chris) stories are often referred to as "Irish Stories" by other members of SleepyCabin, meaning that their stories are often very simplistic and normal sounding at first, but with a strange/outlandish plot twist that has no relation to the beginning whatsoever.
  • Niall once revealed that, as a kid, he filmed himself masturbating and frequently rewatched it later.