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Mick has worked as an animator/Voice actor for many years, first looking for voice work on he first met other members of Sleepcabin at Pico Day and has done voice work many of their cartoons, including but not limited to: Powertrip (NSFW) , Dragonzball PeePee and HELLBENDERS - Icecream . Mick now lives with other members of the SleepyCabin/Newgrounds guys and is best friends with ... everyone, because he's a sweetie. Also he's a grade-A hunk of meat.


  • Mick is of Asian Descent and as a result ... has many stereotypical nicknames, including but not limited to "Ching Chong" and "China Man".
  • Mick witnessed the September 11 attacks. He told this story on the Season 1 finale of Sleepycast.
  • Police seem to pull him over a lot ... like, A LOT!