Jeff was born January 23, 1933 in Hamburg, Germany. Joining the Hitler Youth at a young age, he would grow up to enlist in the Nazi army. Though he did not have Aryan features, he sucked off his superiors to get in. He had a kill count of 33,453 in total, 68% were Jews.

At the end of the war, Jeff escaped Germany, utilizing Blackface to get onto a plane. He landed in Philadelphia, PA, and made a new life under the alias Nigger Jim. After being told that he was a cis white male, he changed it to Johnny Utah.

Later in life, Jeff needed a job after being fired from a prostitution service after giving a total of 4,312 men HIV/AIDS. He met a big hulking man named Tom Fulp. After sucking Tom Fulp off while dressed as Tank Man, he landed a gig at the infamous gay porn website Newgrounds.

In February, 2013, at the age of 80, Jeff decided he was done with this cruel world. He utilized a Rube Goldberg Machine to commit suicide. After his death, it is said that he sucked Satan off to create a clone to carry his name.

After the creation of the pedophile hacker group Sleepycabin, the creators contacted Jeff's clone to join their podcast. He accepted, and now lives in the shed outside of the office, eating the mixed bucket of scraps and feces they bring him. Sometimes when he saves up the pennies he finds in sewers and storm drains, he can buy a Wawa sandwich.