Jeff Bandelin (AKA JohnnyUtah) is an internet animator and video-game developer. He has contributed many works to Newgrounds, as well as being a moderator and staff member. He has also won many awards for his works and animations. Jeff is a member of SleepyCabin and has appeared many times on SleepyCast.

Much like Zach, Jeff tries to keep his face anonymous in all of the videos that he takes part in.

On the SleepyCast, Jeff is very laid back and talks with a melancholy, deep voice. He is usually the voice of reason and somewhat dislikes the usual strange topics that are brought up.

Podcast Appearances Edit

S1:Pilot [Just Spittin' the Shit]

S1:E1 [Super Ghosts 'n Corpses: Poop Edition]

S1:E2 [Spaghetti Birds]

S1:E3 [Animals, Animation and Other A-Words]

S1:E6 [The Lion, the Witch and the Wilhelm Scream]

E1:S7 [SleepyCast_Halloween-Special.wav]

S1:E8 [King Crab, Ruler of Crab Kingdom]

S1:E9 [Checking Our Privileges]

S1:E11 [Spooktacular Q&A Spectacular]

S1:E12 [A Very Sleepy Christmas Special]

S1:E13 [The Hospital Episode]

S1:E16 [Batten Down the Hatches]

S1:E19 [Voicemails with Jesus]

S1:E23 [Four Dicks and a Nik]

S1:E25 [The Self-Appreciation Hour]

S1:E28 [Major Malfunctions]

S1F:E30 [The End?] - (Part One)

S1F:E30 [The End?] - (Part Two)

S1F:E30 [The End?] - (Part Three)