Froggits Edit

Half Rabbits, half frogs, these creatures only exist near Zach's house when he was a child. Zach's father had enough of these h'ing froggits and took out a large mallet and started smashing the froggits. Zach's father would insist on doing this every day, to which Zach would often reply, "old man calm down." His father, in a rage, would often shout, "You listen to me," and smack Zach across the head, causing Zach to freak out. Zach's mother would see her husband going outside with the mallet and express concern, but daily Zach's father would calm her down and tell her not to worry about it.   


          Zach's father then used the froggits to create a soup, which Zach and his family hated. As the saying goes, "Froggit soup is for faggot soup." The saying doesn't make sense but they'd say it all the time.  

According to Chris, eating froggits makes the offspring of the consumer ugly. To this, Zach remarks that his neighbor, who was often pleased with the froggit smashing, would eat the soup they made, and his children ended up looking horridly ugly. According to Chris they have no gums.