Cory J. Beck (born September 7, 1990) is an internet animator, game developer, and member of SleepyCabin. His online alias is Spazkid.

Summary Edit

Cory grew up in Missouri. His family consists of his mother, father, a step-father, a step-mother, and a younger brother and sister. He often teased his siblings. In school, he joined a jazz band, playing the trombone.

Cory is a longtime member of Newgrounds and was an avid watcher of Chris Chan. One of his earliest submissions on the website was PokéCame, which depicts Ash Ketchum rubbing his penis on Pikachu's cheek until he ejaculates, with actual audio from the anime playing in the background. It received largely negative reactions.

His animation Street Fighter Chode was a significant factor to his rise as a renown internet personality. His animations have received several million views on YouTube. He has collaborated with Shadman, Chris, Zach, Stamper, Mick, and Jeff on many of these projects.

He is currently in Philadelphia working on Nightmare Cops with Jeff and Tom Fulp.

Role in SleepyCabin Edit

Cory has been present in several podcasts, recalling many bizarre stories from his life upbringing in Missouri, especially his over-the-top experiences with his brash father.

His inarticulate manner of speech is often a subject of ridicule, as he misuses and mispronounces several words.

He often argues with Stamper over many subjects.

Cory and Jeff are the only members of SleepyCabin currently residing on the east coast.

Trivia Edit

  • All SleepyCabin members agree that Cory is the most skilled animator out of the entire crew.
  • Cory has explained that the water in his hometown caused many inhabitants who consumed it to become withdrawn, pale Southern-voiced creatures who try to acquire bargains on merchandise and perform rituals in the woods. He called them the "Water People". Despite everybody not believing this, Lyle McDouchebag has backed Cory up on this claim since he visited Missouri.
  • Many of Cory's stories regard his relationship with his father.
    • Cory asked his father for a computer for Christmas but received a metal detector instead.
    • Cory's father took him on a hike to a depilated tractor tire in the woods and claimed that it was his true Christmas present. Cory, unimpressed, walked home alone and was grounded as a result.
  • Cory is very talented in playing the trombone, with Mick describing him as "autistically good."
  • Cory and Stamper once got into a somewhat heated argument over which holiday was better, Christmas or Halloween, Cory in favor of Christmas, Stamper in favor of Halloween.
  • Cory often interrupts other SleepyCabin members stories with outlandish claims or stories of his own, to which someone will typically shout "Cory, shut up!" at him.
  • Despite his initial rise to fame stemming from his animated series Sonichu, which parodied Chris Chan and his comics, Cory has stated he has no intention of ever continuing it, and that Chris Chan's life has become too depressing to make fun of. He has said that everyone attempting to troll Chris Chan now a days should just stop and leave him alone.

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